A Guide to choosing the right sized table for your next event

Selecting the perfect dining table for your event is crucial to ensure comfort, convenience, and the desired ambiance for your guests. At Two Rivers Events, we offer three primary options: 8′ rectangular tables, 6′ rectangular tables, and 60″ round tables. Each type has its unique advantages, catering to different event styles and needs. Here’s a guide to help you make the right choice.

When it comes to tables, there are several different factors to consider:

Spatial Dynamics

  • 8′ Rectangular Tables: Ideal for larger spaces, these tables can comfortably seat 8-10 guests. They are perfect for creating long rows, which is a classic choice for gala dinners or conferences.

  • 6′ Rectangular Tables: More versatile for varied space sizes, these tables are suitable for 6-8 guests. They work well for both intimate gatherings and larger events, offering flexibility in layout.

  • 60″ Round Tables: Round tables, seating 8-10 people, are excellent for encouraging conversation among guests. They fit well in most spaces and are especially suitable for events like weddings or banquets where interaction is key. Our 60” round tables will seat 8 people comfortably, or up to 10 people with more limited space for each guest.


Event Type and Table Functionality

  • Formal Events: 8′ rectangular tables project a more formal and structured atmosphere, aligning well with events like formal weddings, award ceremonies or corporate dinners.

  • Casual Gatherings: 6′ rectangular tables are more relaxed and adaptable, great for family reunions, casual business events, or community gatherings.

  • Social and Interactive Events: 60″ round tables are ideal for weddings, networking events, or any occasion where guest interaction is a priority.

Logistics and Accessibility

  • 8′ Rectangular Tables: These require careful planning for guest movement, especially in tight spaces.

  • 6′ Rectangular Tables: More manageable in size, they allow for easier guest movement and service access.

  • 60″ Round Tables: These tables offer excellent accessibility from all sides, making service and guest interaction more fluid.

Adapting to Specific Needs

  • Large Groups: 8′ rectangular tables can be combined to accommodate larger groups.

  • Varied Group Sizes: 6′ rectangular tables offer the flexibility to be used in different combinations.

  • Intimate Settings: Round tables naturally create an intimate setting, encouraging engagement among guests.

Choosing the right dining table for your event is about balancing the number of guests, the nature of the event, the space available, and the desired atmosphere. For our full range of dining table and other product offerings, please visit our inventory page

For personalized advice, please contact our expert team via email or by phone at (916) 333-8802. 

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